Emergency Respose Planning and Training

Emergency Respose Planning and Training

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McCarson Response Consulting is dedicated to helping businesses and organizations of all kinds and sizes be prepared for emergency incidents.

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Emergency Response Planning Services

Emergency Response Training
McCarson Response Consulting provides customized plans and services for each client, based on their individual needs and unique characteristics. We do not use “plan templates” or “cookiecutter” solutions. We take the time to understand your organization before we start a plan. Our plans are consistent with applicable regulations, current industry best practices and the National Incident Management System – Incident Command System (NIMS-ICS). There are a wide variety of planning solutions in the marketplace. Some planning firms seek big six-figure deals, and others offer very low-priced “templates” for you to complete yourself. McCarson Response Consulting is in the business of providing the best plan development services at a good value to all organizations.

Most requested planning services:

Business Continuity Plans
(or Continuity of Operations Plans)
Business continuity planning protects your business or organization from a severe local disruption. It is essential for any company or organization that needs to recover critical functions within a short period of time in the event of a fire, natural disaster, or widespread incident that affects the workplace. Continuity planning involves analyzing how you operate, and how to relocate and restore your operations in time to avoid adverse consequences. Without doubt, every business should have a Business Continuity Plan. Government agencies use the term Continuity of Operations Plan, or COOP to describe this type of planning.

Business Evacuation Plans Some companies may not need complete Business Continuity Plans because of their small “footprint” in a given location, or due to the size and nature of their operations. However, they still may need the security of being prepared to evacuate personnel and some business functions in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. For these businesses, McCarson Response Consulting develops “Business Evacuation Plans” that contain some business continuity elements and help companies quickly relocate and recover. These plans are less complex than going through the entire business continuity process, yet still provide a high degree business protection.

Crisis Management Plans Crisis management planning provides response guidance at the highest executive management level. Crisis management includes establishing an overall response management system and planning for public relations, human resource impact, resource allocation, and financial impact. Crisis planning is needed for incidents such as natural disasters, mass casualties, criminal activity, terrorism, kidnapping, and other special types of emergencies. Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Operations Center Design McCarson Response Consulting provides analysis and design recommendation for your Emergency Operations Centers, Command Posts, or other response facilities. This includes floor plan, seating arrangements, equipment, and recommended supplies.

Facility/Site Emergency Response Plans Site-specific emergency planning provides operational personnel with emergency procedures for hazards that they face at their locations. This includes sounding alarms, personnel accountability, lifesaving, firefighting, site evacuation and notification procedures.

Hurricane Response Plans Hurricane response planning includes pre-storm preparation, employee evacuation and post-storm recovery from tropical storms and hurricanes. Any company or organization with locations vulnerable to hurricanes must have a Hurricane Plan. A Hurricane Plan provides instructions on how storm forecasts are monitored, how to “harden” a location for storm impact, when and how to evacuate employees, how to maintain communications, and how to conduct post-storm damage assessment. Hurricanes can be major catastrophes, they occur on a regular basis, and there is no excuse for not being prepared with a good plan.

Incident Management Plans Incident management planning provides mid-level to upper-level managers with response procedures for any type of incident that threatens human safety, the environment or property. These plans are designed to be consistent with NIMS-ICS response management team structure and procedures. They address how to bring external response resources to assist facility personnel who are overwhelmed or unable to take further action. They also address interaction with Federal and State agencies, and local public emergency responders. These plans are necessary for companies that must provide the first wave of response actions, such as the case with security incidents, oil spill response, personnel evacuations, pipeline ruptures or well control. These plans are “all-hazard” and designed to be consistent with existing facility emergency plans.

Office Emergency Plans Whether you operate from a high-rise building or an industrial complex; whether you own, rent or lease your property; whether you are a large or small company; it is essential to have a plan for emergencies in the workplace. This includes issues such as medical emergencies, fire, evacuation and sheltering in place.

Oil and Hazardous Materials Spill Plans Certain facilities that handle, store or transport oil or hazardous materials have regulatory requirements for spill planning. McCarson Response Consulting can assist you with understanding the regulations, preparing the proper plans, and ensuring that you personnel are trained to carry out spill mitigation duties.

Pandemic Plans A pandemic is an outbreak of illness caused by a new virus that spreads around the world. A Pandemic Plan provides guidance and strategies for responding to a pandemic event that threatens your people and business operations. Pandemic plans are designed to establish monitoring and alert procedures for infection outbreaks, help protect personnel in the workplace from infection, establish policies to support employee’s family responsibilities, and prepare your company or organization to continue to operate during pandemic conditions.


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